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Dahmer’s music practice, unpopularly known as Dahmer’s Breakfast, falls most closely into the genre known as Antifolk. Antifolk is characterized as a musical style that “promotes song-writing over technique and personality over polish. Some see it as the evolution of folk, others as a combination on punk and folk.” Dahmer released a first album in 2021, Dahmer’s Breakfast. In 2022, Dahmer released an EP titled, Antifolk Erotica. In April 2023, Dahmer released a second album, Symbol Hysteria. Symbol Hysteria dissects Dahmer's experience sharing a last name with a serial killer and the human experience of perception through chains of association. The album's release was accompanied by a 360 degree film presented at the Cranbrook Institute of Science's Acheson Planetarium.


The songs below I wrote, composed, recorded, and created videos for.

American Advertising Awards - Bronze Addy

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